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Reveal Saas - On-Prem Comparison Matrix

Reveal review and analytics software is available both for on-premise installation and as software-as-a-service. The flexibility to manage application in a manner consistent with a customer's company policy is an important benefit of Reveal. There are some differences between cloud and on-prem implementation that are worth noting.

Table 1. Feature Comparison Matrix


SaaS Status

On-Prem Status

Web Uploader


Currently unavailable.

Project Archive


Storage is specified at the discretion of the client. One-click archiving to S3 storage is currently unavailable.

Reveal Cloud AI Services (Translation, Transcription, Image Labeling, etc.


AWS Analytics may be integrated. See discussion in Hardware Requirements and Planning Guide - Reveal Cloud AI OptionalReveal 10.4 Hardware Requirements and Planning Guide.

Relativity® connector from Brainspace and Reveal AI

Select configuration options for SSO


Reveal AI Integration API


Must be configured. See Reveal AI Integration APIReveal AI Integration API.

Single Sign-On Installation


Must be configured. See Single Sign-On Installation & Integration GuideSingle Sign-On Installation & Integration Guide.

Reveal Processing


See Reveal Processing On-Premises Installation Planning ChecklistReveal Processing On-Premises Installation Planning Checklist for installation requirements.

Brainspace-Relativity® Integration


See Brainspace Implementation Guide for installation requirements.

Exolution Native File Redaction

Available option for redacting native Excel spreadsheets

Not available.