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How to Setup a DAT Connector

The DAT Connector is used to ingest DAT files into Brainspace.

To setup a DAT Connector you will need to do the following:

  1. Login to the UI and Navigate to the “Connectors” Tab

  2. In the Connectors Tab select +Connector:

  3. In the drop down, select DAT:

  4. This will open a pop-up window. In this window put in a name for the connector and fill in the Offset Path.

    By default, the Offset Path will need to be set to “.” (period), this translates to "/data/brainspace/".


    If you need to place the DAT file in a different directory, make sure it is within /data/brainspace/; for example, if you place DATs in a dat directory inside of /data/brainspace/ you will need to set the Offset Path to “./dat/”.

  5. Once these two fields are filled out you can test the connector with the Test Connector button. If everything is set correctly you should see “Connector configuration valid!


    If there is an issue with the path you will see “Path does not exist or is not a directory”. To correct this you will need to ensure the path is correct and if is it confirm it is a path that the brains owner can see and read/write to.