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Clawbacks and Brainspace

Brainspace does not support the use of clawbacks, either in Brainspace itself or in the review platforms Brainspace ingests from.

In the event that a document or documents need to be removed from Brainspace after they have been Ingested, then one of the following will need to be done:

  1. Create a new dataset that is pointing to a workspace that does not contain the document(s) that need to be removed.

  2. Go into your review platform and redact all the extracted text in the document(s) that needs to be “removed” and then in Brainspace do a Full Analytics WITH Ingest so that changes to the document(s) are brought over into Brainspace and updated.

  3. If document(s) have already been removed and a new dataset is not an option, then you would need to add the documents back to the workspace Brainspace is ingesting from. These documents MUST have the same ArtifactID and Key they originally had. Once this is done you then need to do option 2 in this article.