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Accessing a Deleted User’s Private Work Product

After deleting a user from Brainspace, you can make their private work product public for user consumption.

Deleted User

Super Admin and Group Admins have access to orphaned private work products, which will display as a Deleted User.

There is no support to re-link a private work product to another user.

If there is a need to re-link to a new user or to allow other users to leverage a product, options are as follows:

  1. Set private work product to public for all users to access.

  2. Admin re-creates work products in UI and saves results as private work products associated with their account.

  3. Admin performs the following workflow steps:

    1. Creates a new temporary group.

    2. Provides access to non-Admin user.

    3. Switches private work product to public while the user is logged in.

    4. The user then re-creates work product and saves results as private work product associated with their account.

    5. Admin deletes public work product.