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Appendix A: Pre-Install Checklist: Server Infrastructure Readiness

Fill out the Pre-Install Checklist to ensure a successful Brainspace installation. Completion is required before installation resources can be scheduled. Contact your Project Manager if you need assistance or have questions with any configuration item. (double-click the checkbox to mark item completed)


Items to Complete

Additional Information

Server Configuration

  • Check to indicate all items complete.

Confirm server configuration (OS, Cores, RAM, Disks, Swap, DNS, NTP, patching, etc.) meets Brainspace required specifications.

Upload final audit script results to .

Run automated system audit script and resolve any identified issues.

Full Audit instructions

SSL Certificate

Which certificate type will you use?

Select all that apply:

  • Default self-signed

  • Customer-provided certificate

  • Other. Please specify: __________

Install and License Files available

Copy Brainspace installation files (installer + license) to the /data directory on Application server.

  • Files copied to Application server

Reboot servers

Reboot all servers to ensure services startup properly before beginning the Brainspace installation.

Restart the Analytics Server, the Application Server, then the On-Demand Analytics Server to ensure NFS services come online.

[] Servers rebooted

(After NFS configuration & Before Brainspace installation)

Analyst Readiness

Have all of your users (Analysts and Administrators) received training on Brainspace 6 or above?

{} Yes, our users are ready!

{} Please send me more information on training.

Brainspace offers both self-guided and formalized training opportunities.

Self-Paced – Updated User Guides

Reveal Academy – Online Admin and Analyst training

Environment Security Standards

FIPS Compliance

{} Compliance restrictions discussed with PM

Supported Browsers

Confirm your users have Chrome, Edge (Chromium-based versions) or Firefox installed with WebGL enabled

{} Users have a supported browser