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Removing Documents from a Dataset

Clawbacks and removing files from an existing dataset are not supported in Brainspace v6.0 and newer versions of Brainspace. If you are trying to perform a traditional clawback (i.e., to remove documents that should never have been part of the dataset and to eliminate all influence in the dataset from those documents), you must remove those documents from the source and then create a new dataset.

When a Brainspace dataset is built, the index that powers the Concept Search, the intelligent sort with BDID, the concept clustering, the near duplication process, etc. all create a Brain that ties together complex relationships for all documents and terms. Deleting documents from the Brainspace dataset will not remove all of these complex relationships, and database corruption will occur. Likewise, work products created from a dataset will become invalid if documents are removed.

For these reasons, do not remove documents from a dataset.