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OS Configuration Requirements

  • Brainspace 7.0 requires a Linux OS that supports Docker. Refer to this link to see a list of supported distributions:

  • We recommend Ubuntu LTS.

  • Refer to Docker documentation for specifics of installing Docker on a particular OS:

  • If your corporate security policy requires other Linux configuration settings, please notify your Brainspace Project Manager, as alternate settings may prevent Brainspace from installing or functioning as required.

Shared Storage Configuration

Brainspace requires a shared file system for the /data volume available to all Brainspace servers. We recommend using a Network File System (NFS) with nolock option enabled to share the /data storage volume hosted from an enterprise network storage (NAS) or from the Application server to the other servers in the instance.

For 7.0, Brainspace also requires a shared filesystem for /localdata configured the same as /data.


Mount points do not need to be set up on the servers as the NFS client configuration will now be done in the Docker containers. Each server just needs connectivity to the IP address where the shared filesystem is hosted.