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All prerequisites must be satisfied before installing Brainspace software. If you have any issues verifying that you have satisfied these prerequisites, contact Reveal Support before the scheduled installation.

Operating System and Hardware Validation

This validation ensures that you have all of the necessary software and hardware requirements for a successful Brainspace three-server installation.

Brainspace is only supported on RedHat or CentOS 7.6 – 7.9.

Root Access and Third-Party Application Credentials

Customer personnel who will be involved in the installation must have root access to all three servers and administration credentials for any third-party applications involved in the installation.

Brainspace License File

The Brainspace license file is created specifically for your installation. The text file naming convention is <YOUR COMPANY NAME><EXPIRATION DATE>-license.txt.


For the installation call with Brainspace, this file must be in the same directory as the installer file. If you have not received an email with this file, contact Reveal Support before the installation date.

Brainspace Installation Script

The installation script sets up and installs Brainspace software on the Application server, Analytics server, and On-Demand Analytics server.

This file naming convention is brainspace-<VERSION-NUMBER>.install where <VERSION-NUMBER> is the Brainspace software version that you are installing.

You may get this script directly from our FTP site or in an email from Reveal Support.


Keep this file readily accessible as it is used for installing Brainspace. If you have not received an email with this file, contact Reveal Support before the installation date.

Supported Web Browser

You access the Brainspace software using a web browser.

Brainspace supports the following browsers:

• Chrome

• Firefox

• Edge (Chromium based version)

  • Brainspace requires that /localdata/brainspace on the Application Server be shared to the On-Demand Analytics Server (ODA) and be mounted on the ODA as /localdata-share.

  • A /localdata-share directory should also be made on the Analytics Server, this will not be a share directory from the Application Server, just a local directory on the Analytics Server.

  • Additional information can be found in our Configure the data and localdata-shares article.