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View Errors in the Error Log

The Error Log includes a Quick Search feature that provides a fast and easy way to find specific errors.

To find a specific error in the Error Log:

  1. In the user drop-down menu, click Administration:


    The Datasets screen will open.

  2. Click the Errors button:

    Errors Button.jpg

    The Error Log screen will open.

  3. In the Quick Search text box, type a word or phrase that is likely to be included in the error description:



    You can select the Include Archived Errors check box to include archived errors in the search results, and you can narrow search results for a specific date range using the Select Start Date and Select End Date calendars.

  4. To view the error details, click the Error in the list:


The error summary provides the path, server, resources, and Brainspace user's email address. You can archive the error for future reference by clicking the Archive This Error button.