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Install the Analytics Server and On-Demand Analytics Server

After successfully installing the Application server, you will install the Analytics (Build) server and then the On-Demand server.


The following installation procedure is identical for the Analytics and On-Demand Analytics servers. After installing the Analytics server, repeat the procedure for the OnDemand Analytics server.

To Install the Analytics server

  1. Execute the following command to switch to root user:

    sudo su -


    If prompted, enter the user password.

  2. Extract the contents of the tar file:

    tar -xvf brainspace-<version number>.tar

  3. In the directory where the tar file was extracted go into the new version directory and start the install:

    cd brainspace-<version number> && bash


    You can exit the installer at any time. To restart the installation, re-execute the bash command bash

    After the command is executed, the following menu will open.

  4. Select ANALYTICS/ON-DEMAND Server with the down-arrow, and then press Enter on your keyboard. The Set Database Password dialog will open.

  5. Enter the password that you set up for the Brainspace PostgreSQL password from the Application (Runtime) server, and then press Enter on your keyboard:

  6. Re-enter the password, and then press Enter on your keyboard:

  7. Enter the IP address or fully-qualified domain name for the Application server, and then press Enter on your keyboard:

  8. On the ODA & Analytics Servers, for 6.3 installs, when prompted enter the location of the /localdata/brainspace share from the Application Server:



    Note 1: The share from the Application Server should be /localdata/brainspace and the mount point on the ODA should be /localdata-share.

    Note 2: This will be asked for on the Analytics Server, however this just needs to be a directory on the Analytics Server and does NOT have to be a share from any other server.

    Note 3: To see how to configure this see Configure the data and localdata-shares article.

  9. Copy the license file from the installation directory to /var/lib/brains/.brainspace/brainspace_license.txt

    The following is an example of how to copy the license to the target location from the installation directory:

    cp <YOUR COMPANY NAME><EXPIRATION DATE>-license.txt /var/lib/brains/.brainspace/brainspace_license.txt

  10. To overwrite the default license file, enter yes. After successfully installing the Analytics server, repeat this procedure to install the On-Demand Analytics server.