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Optional Dataset Analytics


Optional analytics allow administrators to control which analytic features, such as Brains, Clusters, Communications are enabled for a Dataset

  • If any options are disabled prior to building a dataset and need to be enabled later on, navigate back to the Advanced Configuration screen, enable the options, and rebuild the dataset using the Full Analytics without Ingest option.

Select a dataset and click the gear icon to the right of Dataset Configuration.

Toggle the switch to disable one or more of the Optional Analytics.

Brains, Clusters, and Reports
  • Concept Search Disabled

    • The concept search box will continue to be persistent along the top of the screen with the message, "You must enable Brains via optional analytics. Keyword search is still functional via the Filter icon."

  • Deduplication Disabled

    • The candy bar on the dashboard that displays a breakdown of Originals, Near Duplicates, Exact Duplicates, and Not Analyzed will not be available.  It is replaced with a message that says "No Results".

  • Term Heat Map Disabled

    • The Document Volume and Anomaly Detection filters will be present, but the Term Heat Map will not be available on the Dashboard.

  • Top Terms Disabled

    • The Top Terms facet at the bottom "You must enable brains via optional analytics".

  • Cluster Wheel Disabled

    • The Cluster Wheel will not exist and there will be no tab available for that screen.

  • Reports Disabled

    • Under the Administration, the following Dataset reports will be unavailable:

      • Clusters Content

      • Clusters File

      • Document Counts

      • Extended Full Report

      • Full Report

  • Supervised Learning is disabled.

    • Predictive Coding and CMML are not available.

Email Threading
  • No email threads are generated.

    • No thread metadata fields will be generated or populated with the exception of brs_emt_is_message and brs_emt_duplicate.

    • The full report file will not contain any thread metadata.

    • No email thread information will be overlaid back into the connected review platform.

  • No email thread visual available in the Brainspace UI.

Graph Data
  • Conversation Analysis is disabled. No tab will exist.

  • Communication Analysis is disabled. No tab will exist.