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Test Dataset (Enron 10k)

Brainspace provides a test dataset that can be used for a test build, so you can ensure that the services are working. The file provided is called enron-10k-2.0-docs.dat and is located, by default, in /tmp/brainspace-<Version Number>/datasets; this path could vary if you changed the directory the installer unpacked to. To use this dat file do the following:

  1. Go to the directory containing the brainspace-<version number> directory:

  2. Copy the dat file to /data/brainspace:

  3. Change to the /data/brainspace directory and make the owner and group of the enron dat file brains:brains with chown brains:brains:enron-10k-2.0-docs.dat:

  4. Now you can go to the Connectors Tab and create the Dat Connector by clicking + Connector:

  5. Select DAT from the drop down:

  6. Give the Connector a Name and in the Offset Path From field fill in the path, because this is in /data/brainspace a period is all that is needed, and press Update Connector:

  7. Now go to the Datasets Tab and select +Dataset:

  8. Name the dataset and press Create: