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Roles of Documents within Duplicate Groups

There are four roles that a document can play with respect to any of the three duplicate types. You can find out what role a document plays with respect to each duplicate type by using the fields brs_strict_dup_status, brs_exact_dup_status, and brs_near_dup_status, For every document, each of these fields takes on exactly one of these four values:

  • pivot: The document is the pivot member of a group of that type. The pivot of a duplicate group is used to stand in for the whole group in some cases (Section ?).

  • duplicate: The document is a member of a group of that type, but is not the pivot of its group.

  • unique: The document was input to duplicate detection, but did not become a member of a duplicate group of that type.

  • error: An error occurred on importing of that document, and so it was not considered during duplicate detection.