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Security Settings

Brainspace Accounts

A ‘’ Super Admin account will be created for your initial Brainspace user interface (UI) access. The Super Admin has the highest level of permissions for completing the installation configuration requirements, as well as for ongoing administrative and troubleshooting tasks across all Groups and Datasets. Brainspace recommends creating individual User, Group Admin and Super Admin accounts for individuals on your team as required to perform their assigned tasks. The original Super Admin account, or other individual account with system-level permissions, will be needed by Brainspace Support personnel should we need to assist your team with future troubleshooting issues. Please do not change the password, or if you do, keep the password in a safe and secure location.


If your corporate security policy conflicts with any of these recommendations, your security policy will take precedence. Please discuss any concerns with your Project Manager to avoid disruption to your application functionality.

SSL Certificates

By default, all Brainspace interfaces (UI and inter-server communications) use self-signed SSL certificates. You may provide your own domain signed certificate for application access and encryption, if required.

Provide certificate in PEM (Base64-encoded ASCII) format, an unencrypted private key, and any intermediate certificates.

Brainspace can also be configured to offload SSL-encryption to a load balancer or proxy server. Please let your Project Manager or Solutions Architect know if you plan to do SSL encryption on another device.