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Relativity® Plus Connector - Advanced Options Explained

Adjustable Values:
  • Ingest batch sizes

    • These are the number of documents that will be written in a single batch; this is dependent upon how fast /data is and how quickly it can handle writes. (Ingests are brought into RAM, and then written to /data in batches.)

  • Maximum size of long text field in an ingestion batch (6.5 and newer)

    • Used to adjust the maximum length of long text fields that may be encountered during an ingestion.

  • Analytics Overlay Batch Size

    • This sets how many documents at a time to update when applying overlays. This is dependent upon Relativity® and MS SQL's load and ability.

  • HTTP Request Timeout

    • This is how long Brainspace should wait for Relativity® to complete the request and respond back before assuming the connection is dead. This should only be adjusted if you're seeing timeouts.

  • Maximum HTTP Requests Per Second

    • The maximum number of requests Brainspace should send to Relativity® per second. This is also based on the ability of Relativity® to handle the requests versus its current load.

  • API Query Page Size

    • The number of objects that should be retrieved in a single request to Relativity® (e.g., the paging process of an Incremental Build). Dependent upon Relativity®'s workload: the busier the Relativity® instance is, the longer it will take to pull a larger number of objects.

  • Document Condition Size Limit

    • The number of documents that will be retrieved in incremental ingest queries.

  • Enable Clearing Documents Prior to Overlay

    • Clears current values in overlay fields in Relativity® each time before overlaying back new values.

  • Enable Native Viewer URL

    • Allows for opening documents in Relativity® from within Brainspace.

  • Validate User Facing URLs

    • Validates the URL created by Brainspace linking the document back to Relativity®.

  • Use Legacy Field Names

    • Is only used when changing from the Relativity® Connector to the Relativity® Plus Connector; due to how field names are done in the API versus Direct SQL connection, this must stay enabled once it is used.