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Installing Reveal Connector in Brainspace


  • Brainspace 6.4.1 or newer must be installed.

  • A Reveal Review instance to connect to.

  • A copy of the most current Reveal Plugin in a zip file.


  1. Copy the zip file containing the connector information to the Application Server.

  2. Create a directory in the plugins directory called reveal-plugin-1.0:

    mkdir /var/lib/brains/.brainspace/plugins/reveal-plugin-1.0

  3. Move the zip file to the directory created in step 2:

    mv /var/lib/brains/.brainspace/plugins/reveal-plugin-1.0/

  4. Unzip the zip file.

    cd /var/lib/brains/.brainspace/plugins/reveal-plugin-1.0/


  5. Make all new files owned by the brains user.

    cd ..

    chown -R brains:brains reveal-plugin-1.0/

  6. Restart platform service.

    systemctl restart brainspace-platform

  7. Once Brainspace is back up you can then go into the Connectors Tab and click "+Connector" and you will now see "Reveal" for the Reveal Connector.