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Scheduling Brainspace 7.0 Installation or Upgrade


Once your servers are built and the environment configured as required, perform an audit of your systems to verify all prerequisites are completed to avoid delays during, or risk rescheduling, the installation.

When you feel your servers meet the configuration requirements send an Install or Upgrade request to and you will be given access to the Installation Script which contains the new Preinstall Check Script. We request the output of the "Preinstall Check" be sent back to us so we can determine if there is anything that should be resolved before the installation/upgrade takes place.

Resolve any exceptions noted in the audit results. Brainspace requires a clean system audit before installation resources can be scheduled. If you have questions or are unable to complete any of the configuration requirements on your own, please contact your Project Manager to discuss your questions or to schedule a technical review call with one of our engineers to address any concerns regarding environment build and configuration.

Installation or Upgrade

Brainspace installation resources normally won’t have access to your servers and will rely on a screen sharing application, i.e., WebEx, Zoom, etc. The screenshare presenter must have full access to the server environment where Brainspace will be installed.

Brainspace application installation or upgrade generally takes between 2-4 hours, depending on server access and applicable integration with your third-party applications.

Key Resources Required for Installation

IT (server, storage and network) – Available to assist with server access and to remediate any environment issues that may hinder the Brainspace installation / upgrade process.

Relativity® Admins (as applicable) – Access accounts, plus the ability to access test data within Relativity®, will be required during the installation. Please make sure you have a test workspace in Relativity® to verify functionality after installation.

Brainspace Users/Admins – Following the installation or upgrade, we will perform a brief product orientation, including a demonstration on data ingestion and the key application features, to prepare your team to begin immediately realizing the power and new features in Brainspace 7.0. We will also show how to troubleshoot common issues, download relevant logs and submit questions/problems to Brainspace Support () when you need assistance. All Brainspace Users and Admins are encouraged to participate.