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Start-Up Order for Servers and Services

Use the following guidelines when starting up Brainspace servers and services.


See Brainspace 6.6 Implementation Guide for more information.

  1. If you are using NFS to share the /data volume from the Analytics server to other servers in your environment, the NFS service on the Analytics server must be started before NFS client instances. This typically means you would start your Analytics server first, and all required services should start automatically (especially NFS, analysisserver).

  2. Start the Postgres database next if Postgres is deployed on a dedicated server (not on the Application server).

  3. If Postgres is installed on the Application server, start the Application server, and all required services should start automatically (especially Postgres, NFS client, and brainspace-platform).

  4. Start the On-Demand Analytics server next, and all required services should start automatically (especially NFS and brainspace-analysis).

  5. If you have multiple, redundant Analytics or On-Demand Analytics servers, those should be started at this point.

Brainspace Components and Service Names

The following is a list of critical Brainspace components and service names:

  • Brainspace Application Service brainspace-platform (Runs only on Application server; Brainspace Application runs as a custom service inside of tomcat web service).

  • Brainspace Analysis brainspace-analysis (Runs only on Analytics and On-Demand Analytics servers).

  • Brainspace Proxy haproxy in versions 6.0 & 6.1 and brainspace-haproxy in version 6.2 and newer. See for more details.

  • Brainspace Database postgresql (Postgres is installed on Application server by default. Be sure to check your specific configuration if Postgres is running on another server).


    Ensure no CMML, Predictive Coding or builds are actively running before stopping services.

Start and Stop Procedures

The current stop/start procedures are as follows:

Brainspace Application

systemctl stop|start|restart brainspace-platform (use argument stop, start, status or restart).

Brainspace Analysis

systemctl stop|start|restart brainspace-analysis (use argument stop, start, status or restart).