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Enabling and Troubleshooting WebGL (Web Graphics Library)

WebGL is required for the Cluster Wheel and Communications visualizations to render in the browser. Ensure you are using a Brainspace Supported Browser (see Supported Browsers) and that WebGL is enabled. If you have changed any browser security settings or re-enabled WebGL, clear your browser cache or try a different supported browser.

If you are not sure if WebGL is enabled, you can use the following link to check:

If your organization has a Group Policy Object preventing WebGL from running, you will need to contact a member of your IT team.

The Brainspace application does not touch the configuration of the browser at all, and it is known that WebGL does not "play nicely" with older GPUs (physical, like on a laptop or bare-metal server, or virtual, like in a VDI environment). You will want to make sure you are connecting from a machine that has a GPU that supports WebGL. This will typically be anything newer than 2009 regardless or vendor. Intel, Nvidia, and AMD all have drivers that will support WebGL, but they must be newer that 2009.

You can also attempt to connect to the Brainspace application and access the Cluster Wheel using incognito browsing mode with plugins disabled. It could be that a specific plugin that is getting enabled is not working with WebGL.