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License Hot Swap

In Brainspace 6 restarting of services is not required to apply a new license.  It is recommended that your new or updated license file have the same name (brainspace_license.txt) and location (/var/lib/brains/.brainspace) as the previous license file.  With the old license file, either delete or move or rename to something which does not end in _license.txt.


Any new or updated license file must be in their appropriate locations on ALL of your Brainspace servers. Any missing or outdated license files will cause that server to not function. Please verify you do not have multiple files in /var/lib/brains/.brainspace ending in _license.txt or else this will cause issues with which license the application selects to use.

After copying the file over, switch to the brains user and run the following command to verify the new license has been applied correctly:

sudo su - brains

bt info


Contact if you have any issues.