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Predictive Coding – TAR 1.0 Workflow – Closing the Session


As of Release 6.7 clients will no longer be able to create new Predictive Coding sessions. Existing Predictive coding sessions are not disabled, they can continue to be used in the near term. It is highly recommended that clients use CMML with ACS as a replacement for PC.

Once you have created enough training rounds and the precision, recall, and F-Score have stabilized and you are satisfied with the results, you can click the close session button on the top right.


It can take a moment to store the results in Reveal Review. There is a small dark spinner that is displayed while this is taking place.

After you have closed a session you can re-open and continue creating training rounds. You will have to close and re-open to update the results in Reveal Review.


A final auto coding will contain the responsive and non-responsive documents as coded by Brainspace. The reviewed batches shown below are created after each round and store the documents reviewed during the round. The first batch is the control set round.