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Running Ingest/Build/Overlay

Once you complete field mapping, the dataset settings are displayed and the dataset will be in the “Prepared” state. Before build/ingest you can decide whether you want to overlay fields back into Reveal Review and after the build completes.

Click the Build button to start ingest.



The button to the right of the “Prepared” text allows you to come back and re-configure the sources for a dataset once it is created. The trashcan on the bottom lower left allows you to remove a dataset. When you delete a running dataset, it will first go to “Stopped” state and will not disappear right away from the list; you can manually refresh the screen after a few seconds.

Build displays the following popup.


Choose whether to build as soon as possible or at a later time.


Once the build starts you will see progress on the far right hand side of the screen. Progress is reported every 10K documents.


With ingest and build selected, the first stage pulls documents from Reveal Review and stores them in Brainspace.

Once ingest is complete, the build stage starts automatically.


When the build completes, the area to the right will close and the dataset will be running and ready to go. If overlay was selected, you will see a message in the dataset area under admin that overlay is in progress. If it fails for some reason, an error message will be displayed.