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How do I move existing projects to the containerized environment?

There is a one-time migration process to go from 6.x to 7.0 environment. Details are available in the Brainspace 7.0 Migration Guide.

What is the Lifecycle Version Support for previous versions of Brainspace?

Brainspace will continue the existing support cadence.

Are there any changes to the licensing model?

Not from a business perspective, but a small change in implementation of the license.

Will PostgreSQL continue to be used for the database?

PostgreSQL will still be used in Brainspace 7.0 but with administration being a bit easier because it is managed via Docker. Postgres may be run on the application host, on a separate host, or using a hosted PostgreSQL instance like Amazon RDS.

How does archiving a dataset work in the containerized environment?

An archive option available via the UI is planned but is not included in the initial GA release.

Is the ability to archive a dataset available in Brainspace 7.0 the same as previous versions?

Archive is not included in the initial Brainspace 7.0 release and will be included in a future release.