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Upgrading Application Server


If this is an upgrade from 6.2 then ensure that NFS is running on the Application Server with systemctl status nfs, if it is not then start it with systemctl start nfs. Also ensure that /etc/exports has the entry to share /localdata/brainspace to the ODA Server.

  1. Execute the following command to switch to root user:

    sudo su -i


    If prompted, enter the user password.

  2. Extract the contents of the tar file:

    tar -xvf brainspace-<version number>.tar

  3. In the directory where the tar file was extracted go into the new version directory and start the install:

    cd brainspace-<version number>



    You can exit the installer at any time. To restart the installation, re-execute the bash command ./

    After the command is executed, the following menu will open:

  4. With APPLICATION Server highlighted, press Enter on your keyboard

    1. For upgrades from 6.5 or earlier the update to Postgres 9.6 to 13 will take place. You know that portion was successful if you see the following:


      If you see anything else let the installer continue and contact support before proceeding further.

  5. Once the Upgrade completes you will see “Installation of Brainspace is complete!

  6. Restore your brainspace_ss.pem if you made a copy of it before the upgrade, then restart brainspace-haproxy. You can do this with the following commands:

    cp /tmp/brainspace_ss.pem /etc/brainspace/ssl/brainspace_ss.pem

    systemctl restart brainspace-haproxy

  7. For upgrade from 6.5 or earlier, after the install completes, check the /var/lib/brains/.brainspace/brainspace.DBConfig file, ensure that the following lines are present:



    If the above is not present it will need to be added to the end of the file and brainspace-platform restart with systemctl restart brainspace-platform.

    The brainspace.DBConfig file should look similar to this:

  8. If the Analytics and On-Demand Analytics Servers are on a different subnet than the Application Server you will need to add entries to the end of the /var/lib/pgsql/13/data/pg_hba.conf file. By default the file will look like this:


    You will need to add the entries under the "IPv4 local connections:" section. An example of how it would look could be:


    *Where and would be the IP and subnet mask for you Analytics and ODA Servers.

    Once the changes have been made and saved then you will need to restart postgres. To do this you will need to issue the following commands:

    systemctl stop brainspace-platform

    systemctl restart postgresql-13

    systemctl start brainspace-platform