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Pre-upgrading Checks

Before proceeding with an upgrade to a new version of Brainspace, the following checks should be done to help ensure a successful upgrade.

  • Disk usage/availability

    • /tmp and /var should have at least 18G of free space to help ensure a successful upgrade. The easiest way to check is with:

      df -h

    • If upgrading from 6.5 or previous versions run du -h /var/lib/pgsql/9.6 --max-depth=0 to get the amount of space that PostgreSQL is taking up. You will need double that amount of free space on /var, ideally this will be in addition to having at least 18G of free space. This is for the Application/DB Server Only.

  • Copy your brainspace_ss.pem file

    • If you have a custom SSL certificate for HAProxy you should copy your /etc/brainspace/ssl/brainspace_ss.pem file to /tmp before running the upgrade and then copy it back to /etc/brainspace/ssl/ after. This will keep from needing to pull it from the archive that is made during the upgrade. This can easily be done with:

      cp /etc/brainspace/ssl/brainspace_ss.pem /tmp/