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Predictive CodingTAR 1.0 WorkflowReviewing Documents


As of Release 6.7 clients will no longer be able to create new Predictive Coding sessions. Existing Predictive coding sessions are not disabled, they can continue to be used in the near term. It is highly recommended that clients use CMML with ACS as a replacement for PC.

The following items are created automatically in Reveal Review when predictive coding is initialized within Brainspace.

Predictive Coding Team

A new team that is added to the tag profile and work folders mentioned below. This team does not initially contain users. The admin must set them when the TAR session starts or use a different existing team and add that team to the work folder and tag profile manually.

BDPC Needs Review Field

All documents that need reviewing for the current round. (This just means the documents need to be reviewed in the current round, not whether or not they have actually been reviewed.) Reviewers do not typically need access to this field. This field is automatically deleted once the TAR session is closed in Brainspace.

BDPC Predictive Rank Field

Score assigned to documents after each round and when TAR session is closed. Can be used to validate round results and final coding. Needs to be added manually by admin to a field profile but probably not required by normal reviewers.

BDPC Use For Training Field

Whether a document will be used for training in Brainspace. Set automatically to false for the control set round and true for training rounds. This field is not required by normal reviewers. There is an admin function available in Brainspace to pull

documents marked as “Use for Training” from Reveal Review. This would be used in an admin scenario where hot docs or highly relevant or non-relevant docs can be selected in Reveal Review and used in the next training round in Brainspace to help Brainspace better code the relevancy of documents. There is a “Manual” option when creating a training round that will pull these documents from Reveal Review.

BDPC Auto Code Field

How each document was coded by Brainspace at the end of TAR the session. Value of 0 means Non-Responsive, 1 means Responsive, and NULL means not coded. Used by admin to produce the results or assign them out for further review if required.

Predictive Coding Tag Profile

Tag profile with one tag pane and the created tag set mentioned below. The predictive coding team is automatically added.

BDPC Is Responsive Tag

Tag with two choices, one for responsive and one for non-responsive. Automatically added to tag profile and tags are set to automatically trigger reviewed status.

Predictive Coding Work Folder

Created under Brainspace root folder setup under admin in Reveal Review. The predictive coding team is automatically added.

Needing Review Work Folder

Created as a subfolder under the predictive coding root and the predictive coding team is automatically added. This is the normal location where an admin would go after creating the control set or a training round to find the documents the Brainspace wants reviewed. The document can be reviewed directly from this folder or assigned by the admin.

Reviewed Batches Work Folder

Created as a subfolder under the predictive coding root. Once documents are reviewed for a round and the results are retrieved in Brainspace the documents are moved to a new batch folder under this folder. This purpose is just to memorialize the documents from each round.

Final Coding Work Folder

Created as a subfolder under the predictive coding root and used then a TAR session is closed in Brainspace. Two subfolders are created under this root with the final responsive and non-responsive coding results that were assigned by Brainspace.

Once you have initialized the predictive coding session from within Brainspace locate the “Needing Review” folder underneath the predictive coding root. It will contain the documents from your control set.


The document can be reviewed directly from this folder or assigned under the normal assignment area using the work folder in a search or the “needs review” field from IMPORT_DOCUMENTS.

If assigned the predictive coding tag profile should be used. If not assigned set the predictive coding tag profile before opening a document so it is selected by default in the document.


The predictive coding tag profile will look like the following.


Once all documents have been reviewed the progress should be at 100 percent within Brainspace. Press the Retrieve Control Set button.


The popup will close and you will be returned to the main screen for the session. You can review the control set results and then begin adding training rounds.


  1. If you happened to mark all documents in the control set as responsive or non-responsive, then Brainspace will double the size of the control set and ask you to continuing reviewing those documents. Go back to Reveal Review, press the Refresh button in the left pane to refresh the work folders and then click on the “Needing Review” node to load the new documents.

  2. If you are unsatisfied with the document results of the control set, you can convert that set to a training round that was selected. A control set can be converted to a training round by pressing the circular arrow at the bottom of the control set. This will convert the set and then automatically create a new control set for review.