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Step 4 - Migrate Brainspace 6 Database Dump to Brainspace 7 Database

Use the Install UI feature to migrate the dump of the Postgres database from Brainspace 6 to Brainspace 7. To do this, first transfer the “.sql” dump file that was created in the previous step to the Brainspace 7 database host (this is the application host if using the default configuration).

Next run the Install UI and select the option Migrate DB Data (Migrate Brainspace 6 Database data to 7 Database):



Performing this step will delete all the data in the database of the Brainspace 7 instance, so this should only be done during a migration from Brainspace 6.

Next enter the full path to the location of the SQL dump file that was transferred from the Brainspace 6 database:


This will load the SQL dump from Brainspace 6 to the Brainspace 7 database, clean up the data and then bring the database up to date with Brainspace 7 changes by restarting services. This may take a few seconds depending on how much data there is to restore.

When the process is finished you should see a message like this: