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Step 3 – Load Images

On the application host in the closed/air-gapped environment, un-tar the file created and transferred in previous step. See also a Video reviewing this step.

Initialize the Docker Swarm by running the 'docker swarm init' command manually if needed; note that this will otherwise happen automatically when running the script to load images.

Run the load images script:


This script will initialize the Docker Swarm, load all the images that were stored in the tar files, create the private Docker registry and publish all of the necessary images to that private Docker registry.


Port 5000 will need to be open in the closed area to allow images to be transferred to the different hosts in the Swarm.

Ensure that the images have been published to the local registry:

curl http://app:5000/v2/_catalog

It would be a good idea to run this command from each host to ensure connectivity.

That's it! Now proceed with the standard Brainspace installation.