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Step 3 – Create a Dump/Backup of Postgres Data


If using an externally hosted Postgres database (Amazon RDS, for example), you can skip the steps that involve dumping and restoring the Postgres data. It is assumed that during the 7.0 installation, the externally hosted Postgres DB was used to configure the 7.0 system.

Otherwise, this is the step where we need to create the dump of Postgres data from the old database so it can be loaded into the new database in a later step.

Prior to performing the Postgres dump, shut down the 6.x application services (app and analytics) to prevent new data from being added to the DB.

# find running processes

systemctl --type=service --state=running

# start shutting them down

sudo systemctl stop brainspace-platform

sudo systemctl stop brainspace-haproxy

# analytics and on-demand analytics

sudo systemctl stop brainspace-analysis

Perform a dump of the Postgres DB (Postgres needs to be running) on the 6.x database host:

PGPASSWORD=<Postgres Password> pg_dump -U brainspace -f brainspace6-db.sql brainspace

Alternatively, you can omit the password variable and enter the password interactively, or you can switch to the Postgres user prior to running the pg_dump command and you won’t need to provide a password at all.

su - postgres

pg_dump -U brainspace -f brainspace6-db.sql brainspace

Now is a good time to shut down the Postgres DB in the 6.x environment:

sudo systemctl stop postgresql-13