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Step 1 – Save Images

The first step needs to be done from a computer that has internet access and has Docker and the AWS CLI installed, if you are pulling Brainspace images from the Reveal ECR repositories in AWS.

If using a different Docker registry for the Brainspace images, the process is identical except for the initial step of authorizing with the Docker registry. This computer can be a laptop, or a server running in the cloud, either will work as long as the machine satisfies the criteria above.

Once the Brainspace Swarm installation bundle is unpacked, authenticate with the Docker Registry that contains the Brainspace images. If pulling images from Reveal’s Amazon ECR registries you can use the following script to authenticate with ECR:


After authenticating with the Docker Registry, start the process by running the following script:


This will download, in tar format, all of the Brainspace application images from ECR as well as the standard Docker images for Postgres and RabbitMQ that are hosted in Docker Hub.

In addition, this script will download the Docker image needed to create a private Docker registry.

This can take a bit of time as some of the images are quite large.

Images will be saved in the 'images' subdirectory. See Video for this step.