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Installation & Upgrade Guide - Brainspace 7

Last Updated 5/02/2024

The standard installation of Brainspace is done on 3 Linux hosts, also called “nodes” in some contexts. The collection of Docker hosts/nodes where the Brainspace services/containers are running is called the Docker Swarm Cluster.

Most of the setup can be performed on the primary host, which we will call the “Application” host for the purposes of this document, and Docker calls the “Leader”, while the other 2 hosts will be called the “analytics” hosts (Analytics and On-Demand Analytics). Optionally, a 4th host can be provisioned to run the database, and additional hosts can be provisioned to add analytics hosts to the cluster.

Once the other Linux hosts have joined the Docker Swarm cluster, they can be controlled and monitored from the application host. Except in some rare cases, an administrator should not need to ssh to the other hosts to perform administration tasks.