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File Sharing Setup

Customer personnel who will be involved in the installation must have root access to all three servers and administration credentials for any third-party applications involved in the installation.

It is assumed that file shares have been set up for the /data and /localdata filesystems. In order to use the NFS install option, both of these shares must come from the same NFS server, unlike Brainspace 6. It is recommended that this NFS server be an external NAS or the application server.

chown -R 1604:1604 /data/brainspace

chown -R 1604:1604 /localdata/brainspace


Note that /data and /localdata shares must be created with owner and group 1604:1604. This applies to both the NFS and "Bind Mounts" configuration.

Alternatively, file shares can be set up on all the host machines and bind mounts can be used to give the containers access to those file shares. To use this configuration, see section: “Configuring File Shares using Bind Mounts”. This is only recommended for environments that are not using a supported file sharing protocol, or where the file shares can only be set up on the host machines and details of the file share configura­tion are unknown.