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Brainspace v6.2 Key Features

Brainspace release 6.2 includes many new features as well as enhancements to existing functionality designed to improve the overall user experience, provide more flexibility with regards to license management, and simplify the installation process.

  • Relativity® Plus Integration - Our new connector contains a number of improved security and performance features, such as OAuth authentication. Relativity® credentials are no longer stored in Brainspace. This new integration allows tunable performance based on the capabilities of your Relativity® instance and infrastructure. In addition, API-only integration no longer requires dedicated access to SQL and is independent of the Relativity® backend.

  • Archive & Import Dataset Management - Now users can archive and delete older datasets to free up resources and/or meet compliance requirements. Any dataset a user archives and stores, beginning with version 6.2, can then be imported back into Brainspace (requires version 6.2 or >) , including datasets migrated from another Brainspace instance.

  • Enhanced Concept Search - The newly enhanced Concept Search includes improvements to how we display Concept Weights for the Top Concepts making it easier for users to understand how much the weights are influencing search results as well as a new streamlined weight adjustment capability. Additionally, users can now easily add more concepts to the search without having to re-execute the search. This enables users to discover new terms based on their interactions with Top Concepts.

  • Dataset Status Updates – The Dataset statuses for “Running” and “Stopped” have been renamed to "Active" or "Inactive" respectively. These new statuses are now consistent in the application and throughout our licensing models.

  • Native Bulk Export - Users now have the ability to bulk download native documents from Brainspace. Previously, the Brainspace native download feature was limited to downloading a single native document.

  • Updated Icons - The icons within the Brainspace UI have been updated in an effort to be more intuitive and consistent throughout the application and training documentation.

  • Classifier Insights Export - This new feature now allows users to export the powerful round comparison reports directly from the Classifier Insights interface in order to better understand how their classifier training decisions have affected the predictive model.

  • New RPM-Based Installer - Our new application installer makes the installation and upgrade process more robust and easier for our customers. In addition, this new installer will allow integration with many of our clients' deployment automation systems.