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Brainspace 6 to 7 Migration Guide


This guide serves to document the process of migrating an existing Brainspace 6.x environment to a new Brainspace 7.0 environment. This includes all administration data, datasets, and associated work product.

  • Unless otherwise directed all commands should be issued as the root user.

  • If possible, allow direct root login and ssh between environments.

    • If direct root login is not possible, then a different user will need to be able to ssh between environments and permissions of the /data and /localdata directories will need to be altered to provide the user access to those directories and the files therein.

    • Before running the rysnc command, try to ssh from the Brainspace 6.x host to the Brainspace 7.0 host first to ensure that SSH keys are setup that will allow the rysnc command to complete successfully.

    • If a .pem file is required to ssh between hosts, you can use the -e option with rsync to specify a .pem file, for example:

      • rsync -e "ssh -i /path/to/mykeypair.pem" …

  • Ensure rsync is installed on both the 6.x and 7.0 hosts.