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Brainspace 6.4 Key Features Data Sheet

6.4 Release Data Sheet

Make Informed Decisions Faster

Brainspace, the market leading data analytics platform for eDiscovery and Investigations, announces the release of version 6.4. The new features in this release are designed to provide enhanced data interpretability and transparency.

Summary of key features:

  • Core Supervised Learning Updates - Significant enhancements were made to the core supervised learning feature set including increased round-to-round training stability, better portable model interpretability, and modifications that will enable better effectiveness along with the support of new data types.

  • CMML Score Banding Visualization - A new supervised machine learning visualization that shows the evolution of training a classifier, and how the score distributions changes round-over-round affect the classifier results. This will ultimately lead to a better understanding of the point at which additional training rounds will not substantially improve the quality of the predictive model ranks.

  • Enhanced PII Identification - The improvements to Brainspace’s PII Identification feature now allows users to easily identify all documents containing PII content and create a filter to search for all documents containing specific PII types. In addition, these enhancements will enable the system to more accurately identify potential Credit Card information thereby reducing false positives.

  • Emoji Analysis & Display - Brainspace can now display Emoji’s throughout all of the visualizations allowing users to incorporate this popular form of communication into their content search and analysis workflows. Emoji’s are now also being introduced into all search features such as Concept and Keyword search. Finally, Emoji’s have now been incorporated into all supervised learning features such as CMML and Portable Learning.